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Hats + Heels is a quirky duo of bassoon and harp that focuses on storytelling.  Their innovative performances are infused with a variety of art forms and technology that help weave colorful tales ranging from comedic to heart-wrenching, educational to ludicrous, and exploratory to enlightening.  Some pieces are original works for bassoon, harp, narration and theatrics, while others have been arranged and thoughtfully paired with words, images, fashion, or movements.  These pieces aim to engage audiences through the universal intrigue of an entertaining story, while allowing for individual interpretation and emotional expression.​

HATS + HEELS Creative Fire of Art

Photo by Noel Sylvester Photography

Creative Fire of Art, 2024
Classics 2024
Harp and Bassoon with hat and heel

Photo by Anna Maxwell  NSP Studios

Classics With a Twist - 2023

As teaching artists, H+H present hands-on workshops to students of all ages, diversity and arts backgrounds, by designing interdisciplinary and engaging performances.  With the mindset that performances tell a story, they coach students through the process of designing a concert, starting at the brainstorming phase and concluding with stage presence and presentation skills.

Hoping to expand their musical repertoire, H+H commission new works, encouraging a diverse group of composers to incorporate elements beyond the musical realm. In addition, the duo love to collaborate with other artists and work to think outside the box when parroting poetry, acquiring artwork, highlighting history, teaching theatrics and venturing in vogue. 

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