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"Now THIS is an incredible demonstration of what the bassoon should sound like. So many different tone colors, but always with clarity, connection, and intent. Absolutely gorgeous.  Jaw dropping." 


Vinny LaMonica, bassoonist, educator, and composer.


"While the main foci of this album are undoubtedly the excellent performances of Hats+Heels and the social commentaries the commissioned works make, bassoonists should also consider this album a treasure trove of new repertoire for the always-compelling combination of bassoon and harp." 


 Dr. Ryan Reynolds, International Double Reed Society 2023 Album Review.

Hold Fast to Dreams & My Little Son, Florence Price - Harp & Bassoon
Hats and Heels Duo

Hold Fast to Dreams & My Little Son, Florence Price - Harp & Bassoon

Performance of Hold Fast to Dreams & My Little Son by Florence B. Price, transcribed and arranged by Hats+Heels. Florence Beatrice (Smith) Price became the first black female composer to have a symphony performed by a major American orchestra when the Chicago Symphony Orchestra played the world premiere of her Symphony No. 1 in E minor on June 15, 1933. Florence Price’s symphony had come to the attention of the public when it won first prize in the prestigious Wanamaker Competition held the previous year. Although this premiere brought instant recognition and fame to Florence Beatrice Price, she would “continue to wage an uphill battle – a battle much larger than any war that pure talent and musical skill could win. It was a battle in which the nation was embroiled – a dangerous mélange of segregation, Jim Crow laws, entrenched racism, and sexism.” (Women’s Voices for Change, March 8, 2013). Hold Fast to Dreams Lyrics: Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die Life is a broken winged bird, That cannot fly Hold fast to dreams, For when dreams go Life is a barren field, Frozen with snow To My Little Son In your face I sometimes see Shadowings of the man to be, And, eager, Dream of what my son shall be, Dream of what my son will be, In twenty years and one. When you are to manhood grown, And all your manhood ways are known, Then shall I, blissful, try to trace The child you once were in your face. Performed by Hats+Heels Duo Dr. Blaire Koerner - bassoon Dr. Rosanna Moore - harp Recorded by Marc Webster at Blue on Blue Recording, Rochester NY



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