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Once upon a time, there was a musical duo who loved to regale their audience with stories galore, all whilst wearing the most fanciful of attire…

Join us as we begin our new adventure of blending music, spoken word, and art with our series - Tuneful Tales.


Every few weeks, we will release a new arrangement which has been paired with a legend, narrative, chronicle, poem, or even a piece of trivia. From Scotland all the way to China and back again, these musical stories tales will entice the viewer and bring about a new way of exploring and listening to music.


Some tales will be silly, others serious. A few are to teach, but more will be for pure entertainment - all to fully encapsulate the joy and power of art. We will explore cultural days of significance, historical figures, whimsical creatures, curious oddities, and other things we find to be just fascinating.


Join us on our YouTube playlist or Facebook for our visual version, or on Spotify to simply listen to the audio.


Are you sitting comfortably?  Then we’ll begin…


Logo design by J.K.Shafer

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