We strive to increase access to and remove barriers from music and art-forms for members of our community, working to ensure the continuing relevance of art and music in an ever-changing world.


Engage and inspire audiences through the universal intrigue of a story, utilizing interdisciplinary musical performances and impactful educational initiatives.

Core Values

  • Performing and presenting at the highest artistic level by paying attention to all details that impact our productions.

  • Collaborate with creatives from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and influences.

  • Provide educational opportunities to learners of all ages that emphasizing pairing musical knowledge with life and career skills.

  • Research and educate ourselves to continue growing our own knowledge and understanding of relevant topics, themes, figures and art-forms.

  • Be active supporters and allies for diverse representation and inclusion in the arts.

Photos by Anna Maxwell NSP Studios


A very special thanks to all of our patrons and donors.  Your support is what makes this possible.

Stone Sidewalk

Luxury Fashion ($100 - 299)

Lisa Alexander

Sylvie Beaudette
Nikolas Allen Jeleniauskas


Haute Couture ($300 - up)

 Jill K. & Adrian Koerner

High Street ($50 - 99)

 Margaret Henry

Peter & Janet Moore
Erik Strassner
Paul Strassner

Thomas Walker & Deb Booher