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Mad Girl's Love Song, Women Are...


Mad Girl’s Love Song is inspired by Sylvia Plath’s poem under the same name. It depicts a girl who thinks that she had a romantic relationship with a lover she made up in her head. My composition explores the quick switch between reality and imagination. By alternating two different tempi in short time intervals, my music takes listeners on a journey back and forth within the realms of reality and fantasy.


Yi-Ning Lo is a composer and a pianist from Taiwan. Over her career, she has shown particular interests in incorporating literature and music. She has found ample inspirations for both vocal and instrumental compositions from reading literature. Ranging from western poems to ancient Chinese poetry and Japanese haikus, she has composed multiple works integrating music and texts. These compositions include About Solitude, Blackmud, and The Tune of Ru Meng Ling. Her current project is to create a piece that combines sounds, literature, and theatrical elements. In addition, Lo has extensive experience writing for ensemble music. One of her ensemble works, Woven Veins, won the Christine Clark/Theodore Front Prize in 2019. This piece was later broadcasted on the radio show “Music of our Mothers”, and honored in the fall journal issued by the International Alliance for Women in Music.

Throughout her composition journey, Lo has won top prizes from many competitions. She was awarded the third prize of the Robert Avalon International Competition in 2020, the Belle S. Gitelman Award in 2020, the third Prize of the International Eduardas Balsys Young Composers Competition in 2019, the Wayne Brewster Barlow Prize in 2019, and the Christine Clark/Theodore Front Prize in 2019 for new music competition by the International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM).

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Watch a short video of Rosy interviewing Yi-Ning as part of our "Getting To Know You" Series.

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