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She Was a Woman for bassoon, harp, spoken voices, hand cranked music box and electronics written for Rosanna Moore and Blaire Koerner is a piece in four movements:

I. Of Courage - Margaret Haig Thomas II. Of No Vote - Sofia Duleep Singh III. Of Suffrage - Emily Davison IV. Of Defiance - Ethel Smyth

The piece explores the lives, actions and words of four European suffragettes; Margaret Haig Thomas, Sofia Duleep Singh, Emily Davison and Ethel Smyth. The text of each movement interweaves the composer's self-authored text based on her reflections of the lives and actions of these individuals, as well as their own words that comment on the bravery, determination and passion of the suffragette movement. The piece interweaves and evokes the music of Ethel Smyth (March of the Women; The Wreckers), Morfydd Owen's Nocturne for orchestra, and Grace Williams' Sea Sketches.


Angela Elizabeth Slater is a UK-based composer, Illuminate Women’s Music Director, Professor of Composition at LPMAM, and Associate Lecturer in Composition at Cardiff University. She has an interest in musically mapping different aspects of the natural world into the fabric of her music. Recent significant achievements include being selected for the RPS Composer programme for 2021-22, 2020-22 Tanglewood Composition Fellow, and a 2017-18 Britten-Pears Young Artist through which Angela worked with Oliver Knussen, Colin Matthews and Michael Gandolfi. Angela was the 2019 Mendelssohn Scholar at New England Conservatory (Boston) and has continued to have performances of her works across the US, including the world premiere of Roil in Stillness by the New England Philharmonic.

In 2021 she wrote a new work called Beyond Yourself for Orkest de erepri as part of Young Composer’s Meeting in Apeldoorn, two new works for Royal Scottish National Orchestra, alongside six new solo works for the Connected skies project funded by Arts Council England. In Autumn 2021/22 Angela is looking forward to the performance of her piano concerto Tautening skies supported by PRSF. She will also be developing a new accordion concerto working with accordionist Kamila Olas and composing new works for the RPS Composers programme and LPO Young Composers scheme.

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Watch this short video from our "Getting to Know You Series" to discover more about Angela.

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